Terms and Conditions


Invoices are due net 15 unless otherwise arranged.

Refund Policy

As most projects require a down payment, projects that are cancelled within the first 30 days of the project start may be refunded some of that initial down payment based upon how much project work has gone into it in that first 30 days. The amount remaining after project hour expenses may be returned to the client.


Each one of our projects is unique to the business or organization that we’re working with. Therefore we do not have pre-canned pricing points of average sized projects. Our typical process is to determine the size and scope of a website or marketing initiative, then craft a quote based on the investment necessary to accomplish those goals.

Long Term Contracts

Unlike many of our contemporaries, we do not require long term contracts. The results of our efforts should be the driving force behind maintaining an agreement of service, not a legal document. We do typically however require a 3-month committment for any new marketing, SEO or maintenance initiatives, which takes the place of a start up fee of any kind.


Unless specified otherwise in the project proposal, all material developed and designed by Boundless Design will become the property of the client it is being built for once the final invoice has been paid. We do however retain the right to use completed web projects in our portfolio as an example of our work to other clients.