Web Design and Development

We love design. It’s the driving force behind our passion to create compelling and visually appealing websites. Our focus is developing clean, easy to use and unique websites that feel fresh, modern and draws the user into an engaging experience.

Modern technologies such as HTML, CSS3 and Javascript are becoming the standard as legacy platforms such as Flash have lost ground and cannot provide a user experience for a large number of mobile users.

Custom Web Applications

Many times an out of the box solution, such as using a WordPress plugin, can fulfill your needs.  In some situations however the necessary functionality that specifically fit a checklist of “must have” features doesn’t exist.  In these cases, we turn to custom web applications.

While custom web applications can be more expensive to develop than putting up a WordPress or Expression Engine website, they are a far cry from the costs associated with custom projects five or ten years ago.  Today we can utilize a wide range of web application frameworks, such as Laravel, that have many features and functions already baked in that only need to be activated in order to use.

Responsive Website and Application Design

In today’s world where mobile devices often times comprise of over 50% of the usage of many websites, responsive design is responsible design.  We’re past simply following trends; we’re building experiences to meet users where they are.

Amazingly, some statistics have shown that at the end of 2015, upwards of 90% of small business websites are not optimized for mobile devices.  Today, Google actively penalizes websites that do not respond to tablets and phones.

Responsive design is also about proper design philosophy.  Calculating user behavior and how users interact with the website is crucial to proper design.

Content Strategy

Content is the most important thing a website has to offer. Every search engine that exists ultimately is in the business of delivering high quality content to the billions of people searching the internet every day. The quality and scope of the content on your website, and the ways that people can access that information, are the basis a search engine like Google’s interest in you.

While there are a number of ways you can build Search Engine Optimization, the best results we’ve found to deliver high quality potential customers is to leverage what search engines are after in the first place. Our focus on content is to build a content strategy aimed at releasing great content specific to your industry through your website, social mediums and good ol’ fashion marketing platforms.

We do offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, but they are typically rooted in continually building great content and delivering it to your audience in ways that makes sense. As you build the amount of unique and credible content, the more momentum you will gain as your website ages and matures. Using best practices and long term strategies such as these will outlast sites that are subject to SEO tricks attempting to entice search engines.

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